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Makers of

Duncan's Own

Four Seasonings - BBQ Sauce - Seasoned Flour

Handcrafted in the Handcrafted in The Heart of Duncan of Duncan

BBQ Sauces
"... He's really got something going on with that BBQ sauce there ..."
That's the general consensus after trying out some of PJ's BBQ sauce at a picnic in the webmaster's back yard to sample these products.
BBQ Sauce - available in 22 oz (net weight) bottles.

Seasoned Flour Mix
For All Meats And Vegetables in 10 oz. package.
For Oven, Skillet or Deep frying. Crispy and Tender every time...

Everyday Sprinkles for Vegetables, Ramen Noodles, Mac & Cheese
like the 2.4 oz Shopp'n Bag Joe's Spicey Sprinkle.
"I put it on everything that can use anything sprinkled on it. I use it on meat and vegetables, cucumbers, fries & baked potatoes."
- Joe Hamovitz, owner of SHOP-N-BAG

Spiced Rubs for Beef, Pork, Poultry, Fish, and Vegetables available in 2.4 oz

All of our products are
Now Available through
Found in Duncan at the Shamrock, SE corner of Hwy 81 & Main

Also in Marlow at Hwy 81 & Caddo next to Newberry Pharmacy

Duncan's Own Four Seasonings used for beef, poultry, pork and fish, plus all styles of vegetables.

Contains no MSG. Low sodium. In our Seasoned Flour Mix we use only naturally stone ground whole wheat and a 7 grain flour with natural cornmeal.

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Handcrafted in
The Heart of Duncan, Oklahoma
Meat Rubs, Seasoned Flour Mix, BBQ Sauce and more to come!
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Duncan, Oklahoma

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Our Organic Flour is from
"Great River Organic Milling Co."
Fountain City, WI. It is Certified By
"Quality Assurance International" San Diego, Ca.